Black Beach

Black Beach - Canada

When we think of black sand beaches we tend to think of tropical islands with jungle-fringed volcanos rising precipitously from the ocean - or at least not Canada. But here we are, in New Brunswick, not far from Lorneville looking at a beach with undeniably black sand.

The point is not all black sand beaches are volcanic. The imaginatively named Black Beach in NB is actually the result of graphite deposits.

The beach sits in the sheltered Musquash Estuary, off Fundy Bay. This is a protected area rich in wildlife and with a number of walking trails near the beach. One of these will take you a short distance through the woods to the lighthouse on Musquash Head, from where you can look across the bay to Nov Scotia.

Despite its curiosity value the beach here doesn’t get busy. In fact you’re probably more likely to see one of the inquisitive harbour seals than another soul here.

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Saint John

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