Top 6 New Brunswick Beaches

  • Dennis Beach

    Dennis Beach
    © James Mann / CC BY

    Dennis Beach, New Brunswick is in the sheltered Bay of Fundy, close to the town of Waterside and within sight of the greenery-topped stacks at Hopewell Rocks.

    The narrow sandy beach runs parallel to the 915 highway and access to the beach is from the parking area. Walk back towards the road and take the trail on the left that leads down to the sand.… read more »

  • Dune de Bouctouche

    Dune de Bouctouche
    © Ultimograph5 / CC BY

    Located on Route 475 in New Brunswick, the Dune de Bouctouche is in a remote and uncrowded area. The name comes from a native Mi'kmaq word meaning "Great little harbour" which refers to the nearby riverside town of Bouctouche.

    Stretching for 12km, Bouctouche is one of the longest dunes on North America's East Coast. The dunes and golden sandy beach are home to many birds… read more »

  • Mispec Beach

    Mispec Beach
    © Bill Lapp / CC BY

    Located 15 minutes southeast of the town of Saint John, Mispec Beach is always crowded in summer. Accessed from Red Head Road down a manmade staircase, it is one of the best beaches in New Brunswick.

    Overlooking the chilly waters of the Bay of Fundy, it has a massive tidal range of around 43 feet (13 metres) with some of the highest tides in the world.… read more »

  • North Kouchibouguac Dune

    North Kouchibouguac Dune
    © Larry / CC BY

    Located in Kouchibouguac National Park, North Kouchibouguac Dune is a famously long sandy dune beach stretching for 25km. Named after the Kouchibouguac River, the word in Mi'kmaq appropriately means "River of long tides".

    The sensitive dunes and bogs are protected by the park system since 1969 when the land was expropriated from local families with one notable exception; Jackie Vautour refused to move and still lives… read more »

  • Parlee Beach

    Parlee Beach
    © Claire Madison

    Said to be the best beach in New Brunswick, Parlee Beach Provincial Park is a popular beach with everything you could possibly want. This certified Blue Flag Beach (awarded in 2020) is located in Pointe-du-ChĂȘne and is open daily. Admission fees apply.

    The sandy beach has relatively warm sheltered waters (it claims to have the warmest saltwater in Canada). There are lifeguard patrols for safe swimming… read more »

  • South Kouchibouguac Dune

    South Kouchibouguac Dune
    © Yasehtor / CC BY

    South Kouchibouguac Dune lies to the south of the Kouchibouguac River estuary where it empties into the Northumberland Strait. Located in Kouchibouguac National Park, it is on the east coast of New Brunswick.

    Pronounced "kooshi-boog-wac", the word "Kouchibouguac" in Mi'kmaq means "River of long tides". Like the neighbouring North Kouchibouguac Dune, this south dune is an offshore island or sand spit connected only by a… read more »