Lagoinha do Leste Beach

Set towards the southern tip of the island of Florianópolis, the Praia de Lagoinha do Leste is not what you might imagine of a beach in the close vicinity of a city of half a million. In fact what you will find is a pristine beach that feels virtually untouched by humanity.

Lagoinha do Leste is a truly wild and beautiful spot. Surrounded by heavily forested mountainous terrain and bookmarked by rugged rocky outcrops this is really is one of the most stunning beaches you will find anywhere in Brazil. And it never gets crowded.

Of course there has to be a catch, and that is the fact you will have to hike through the hills and forests for over an hour to get here (unless of course you have a boat). For many this is part of the experience and there is an even longer, more scenic coastal trail to get here.

Facing directly into the Atlantic Ocean means there are often powerful waves at Lagoinha do Leste. This means it is frequented by surfers looking to escape the crowds but also means it might not always be suitable for swimming. The good news is there is a large lagoon (hence the name “Lagoinha”) behind the beach where you can cool off after the trek here.

There is a small kiosk selling snacks on the beach, although it’s pretty basic and might not be here all year. Besides that there is nothing in the way of facilities here, just stunning scenery. So bring what you need - and more importantly, take it all with you when you leave.

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Pantano do Sul


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