Praia do Pinho

The pristine golden sand shoreline of Praia do Pinho is located in Brazil’s southern state of Santa Catarina; a region known for its beautiful and unspoilt coastline. This beach is certainly a place of natural beauty with its clear blue waters and backdrop of verdant hillsides.

With all the other great beaches along this stretch of coast there is one thing in particular that makes Praia do Pinho stand out - it was Brazil’s first official nudist beach. Established in the mid 1980s after many years of disputes this is now one of the best known naturist beaches in Brazil and a veritable industry has grown up around it. There are inns, chalets, huts, bars and restaurants all dedicated to the naturists of Praia do Pinho.

The beach is located close to the city of Camboriú and about 80 km from the state capital Florianopolis. This means there are no shortage of beachgoers, although the area still remains remarkably undeveloped.

If you do fancy visiting the Praia do Pinho be warned, clothes are not optional - it is bare all or go home! And don’t bring your camera - binoculars and photos are strictly forbidden.

Nearest town/city

Balneário Camboriú

Type of beach



  • Swimming/bathing
  • Surfing

Nudist/naturist beach


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