Best Beaches in & Around Rio de Janeiro

Map featuring Rio de Janeiro beaches. Click on pins to view beach details
  • Ipanema Beach

    Ipanema Beach
    Juliana Lopes

    Travel time from Rio de Janeiro: approx 0.5 hrs

    The mere mention of the name Ipanema Beach conjures thoughts of a perfect tropical setting, beautiful bronzed bodies, acres of powder-white sand and the alluring ocean blue. You won't be disappointed, except for the setting, because Rio's southern latitude - just north of the Tropic of Capricorn - means it is merely sub-tropical. However, that never stopped anyone and Ipanema is still the crowning glory of Rio de Janeiro's many… read more »

  • Copacabana Beach

    Copacabana Beach
    © Paulo Duarte

    Travel time from Rio de Janeiro: approx 0.5 hrs

    Perhaps the world's most famous length of coastline, Copacabana Beach lies to the south of central Rio de Janeiro. Lined with the restaurants, bars, shops, and high-rise homes of Avenida Atlantica's wavy black and white paving, Copacabana Beach continues on for no less than four kilometres of sun-drenched sands.

    The beach is demarked by historic forts at either end, with individual sections of its wide soft sands delineated by its lifeguard… read more »

  • Arpoador Beach

    Arpoador Beach
    Rodrigo Soldon

    Travel time from Rio de Janeiro: approx 0.5 hrs

    Arpoador Beach can be found in Rio de Janeiro's southern zone, on a small peninsula between the much more famous beaches of Copacabana and Ipanema. Meaning ‘harpoon thrower', its eastern end forms a spit of land that juts out into the waves.

    It's this spit that makes Arpoador Beach one of the best surfing spots in Rio, and the host of several surfing competitions each year. Its outcrops… read more »

  • Praia de Abricó

    Praia de Abricó
    Filipo Tardim

    Travel time from Rio de Janeiro: approx 1 hr

    Praia de Abricó is a nudist beach in the western Grumari neighbourhood of Rio de Janeiro, and is the city's only beach to allow naturists. Facing small islands just offshore, the beach has a broad expanse of light-coloured sands frequently used by families resident in the area. It has a friendly and relaxed atmosphere as a result.

    Its sands are edged by large boulders which continue in places into the… read more »