Grotta Beach

  • Grotta Beach - Iceland
    © Smiley.toerist / CC BY Pinterest
  • Grotta Beach - Iceland
    © Markus Trienke / CC BY Pinterest

Grotta is located on the Seltjarnarnes peninsula and is probably best known as the site of Reykjavik’s lighthouse which has stood here for the last hundred years. Set on a little island connected to the mainland by a narrow spit of black sand, Grotta is only around 10 minutes from downtown Iceland but a world apart.

The beach and island are something of a bird watcher’s paradise. During the early summer months the beach is off limits as it is a breeding site for species such as Arctic terns and tufted ducks.

As well as being a great spot to take in a sunset Grotta is also a favoured location for observing the Northern Lights. Despite being so close to the capital city there is still little in the way of light pollution here. On top of that there is a heated geothermal pool to relax in whilst you watch the show.

If you do visit the beach at Grotta and walk over to the island, keep an eye on the tides as the beach becomes completely submerged at high tide and you’ll be stranded.

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