Potami Beach

Potami Beach - Albania
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Looking for a an Albanian beach with something for everyone? Potami Beach is one of the biggest beaches in the Himarë area, offering a unique blend of Greek and Albanian culture beneath clear blue skies overlooking sun-kissed sand.

The name Potami translates as “river” from Greek and the water that runs through here is crisp, cold, and refreshing, springing up from exclusive underwater springs that flow year-round. 

Potami Beach is also centrally located near Llamani Beach and its majestic cliffside, which can be reached by land as well as kayaking or yacht for those who can’t get enough of the clear blue sea. While the beaches themselves are filled with activity, the cliff sides and nearby coast are secluded, offering visitors a peaceful respite in which to relax and take in the whole area’s immense natural beauty.

The backdrop to Potami is fringed with greenery, adding to the sense of nature that exudes from this stretch of the Albanian Riviera. 

The area is also home to all manner of restaurants and nightclubs. It’s here that Potami Beach’s multicultural legacy shines through with incredible Greek as well as Albanian nightclubs where you can enjoy local cuisine and a thrilling, welcoming vibe.

Potami Beach pairs natural beauty with cultural uniqueness to create a space that’s as cool as the river that runs through it.

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