Beaches in Vlorë, Albania

The old city of Vlorë is not without its charms. Set on a wide bay at the base of the foothills of the Ceraunian Mountains, the city looks out over the Adriatic and Ionian Seas.

As well as being Albania's fifth largest city it is also one of the most historically and culturally significant. Founded by the Ancient Greeks the city became something of a cultural hub in the 18th and 19th century. However, Vlore is best known within Albania as the place where independence from the Ottoman Empire was declared in 1912.

The Mediterranean climate here has become something of a draw to tourists looking for somewhere a little off the beaten track. Whilst Vlore itself has plenty going on and some fine beaches much of its appeal comes from its location as the gateway to the Albanian Riviera. Here you will find some of the finest beaches on this side of the Med with spots such as Dhermi, Himara, Palasë, Qeparo, Vuno, and Borsh within easy reach.

  • Vega Beach

    Vega Beach
    Tomasz Lewicki

    Set on a short stretch of rocky coastline roughly 150 metres long by 15 metres wide, Vega Beach is a manmade creation close to the city of Vlorë. Access from its fine off-white gravel surface to the sea is via steps bypassing the rocks, which may make it a little…

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