Pretty in Pink Sand Beaches

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  • Pink Beach // Indonesia

    Pink Beach
    ©Hotel Kaesong

    Set in the natural wilderness that is the Komodo National Park, Pink beach requires a little more effort than most to get to. This however does not put a steady stream of visitors to the beach off, which speaks volumes about how special this place is.

    There are only a handful of pink beaches around the world with other notable ones in the Bahamas and on Lombok. However neither of these have quite the same degree of pinkness as Komodo Island's Pink beach.

    Set in a small, south-facing bay the sand is… read more »

  • Elafonisi Beach // Greece

    Elafonisi Beach
    ©Halina JasiÅ„ska

    The beach here is a strip of sand that just connects the tiny island of Elafonisi off the far western coast of Crete. This area has a wild, unspoilt feel to it and development has been restricted leaving the pristine beaches a beautiful spot to unwind. Whilst the sand at Elafonisi appears white at first glance you may notice a pink hue. This is due to it containing traces of coral reef, broken down over the centuries.

    The waters separating the island from Crete are both exceptionally clear and shallow… read more »

  • Horseshoe Bay // The Caribbean

    Horseshoe Bay

    Backed by South Shore Park, Bermuda's Horseshoe Bay Beach is the best of a string of beaches which line the island's Atlantic coast. Gently curving from one end to the other for about 300 metres, entry into the waters from the pinky-white sands is gentle, making it ideal for families.

    In the summer, when Horseshoe Bay Beach is at its busiest, there is also a manned lifeguard station, café and toilets with public showers. While some distance from the closest road, the island government lays on a special bus service,… read more »

  • Playa de Ses Illetes // Spain

    Playa de Ses Illetes
    ©Tono Balaguer / 123RF

    Located just a stones throw away from the party island of Ibiza is the small island of Formentera. Despite its proximity Formentera can only be reached by boat and feels like a different world. There are several beautiful beaches around this unspoilt island but the Playa de Ses Illetes is the best of the bunch with its fine white sand and crystal clear turquoise waters.

    The beaches name comes from the six islets which lie just off the coast providing additional protection from the Mediterranean waves.

    The sand on Playa de… read more »

  • Spiaggia Rosa // Italy

    Spiaggia Rosa
    ©Luca Giudicatti

    "Pink Beach" lies wild and unspoiled on Budelli Island, a tiny expanse of land just off the northern coast of Sardinia in the Maddalena Archipelago. While rare, being only a handful of pink beaches known worldwide, its faint rosy hue is entirely natural. It results from high concentrations of crushed corals and shells among the sands.

    Backed by lush Mediterranean plants and offering glass-like shallows that are difficult to resist, Spiaggia Rosa forms part of one of Italy's newest national parks, named after the archipelago and designated in 2016.

    Despite its… read more »

  • Pink Beach // Indonesia

    Pink Beach

    Pink sand beaches are pretty rare with just a handful scattered across the globe. However, Indonesia can lay claim to two of these; perhaps the best known is Pantai Merah on Komodo Island, the other is Pink beach on Lombok. Both beaches are equally stunning, but this one is considerably easier to get to, although it is still a bit of an adventure.

    Pink beach is found on a little peninsula in the far southeastern corner of Lombok, around an hour and a half's travel from Kuta. As the name… read more »

  • Tikehau // French Polynesia

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  • Pink Sands Beach // The Caribbean

    Pink Sands Beach
    ©Mike's Birds
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