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Pink Beach - Indonesia

Pink sand beaches are pretty rare with just a handful scattered across the globe. However, Indonesia can lay claim to two of these; perhaps the best known is Pantai Merah on Komodo Island, the other is Pink beach on Lombok. Both beaches are equally stunning, but this one is considerably easier to get to, although it is still a bit of an adventure.

Pink beach is found on a little peninsula in the far southeastern corner of Lombok, around an hour and a half’s travel from Kuta. As the name suggests there is a definite pink hue to the sand and this contrasts with the clear aquamarine of the Indian Ocean. 

The pinkness of the sand is down to a tiny coral creature - the red foram. They have red shells and occur in such abundance that when they cast off their shells or die, the resulting fragments mix with the white sand to turn it pink.

The pinkness of the sand varies according to whether it is wet or not and the angle of the light hitting it. Apparently the best time to visit for maximum pinkness is towards high tide. This also has the bonus of being the best time to swim too.

Facing northwards the beach is reasonably sheltered from the swell so it is usually safe to swim here. There’s plenty of coral a little way offshore which makes it good for snorkelling too.

Be aware that there is an entry fee to Pink beach and it is a little on the steep side by Indonesian standards. Ii seems to operate on the principle that if you have made the effort to come that far you’re not going to refuse to pay and leave without seeing it.

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