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  • Foul Bay - The Caribbean
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  • Foul Bay - The Caribbean
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  • Foul Bay - The Caribbean
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Despite its rather unappealing name, Foul Bay is in fact one of Barbados’ loveliest beaches. Situated just around the corner from the equally lovely Crane Bay, the beach here is everything you would hope for and expect from one of the Caribbean’s finest. An expanse of white powder sand meets the turquoise waters of the Atlantic Ocean here. Surrounded by low cliffs and fringed with palm trees, there is a feeling of seclusion here - and usually some shelter from the sun or wind.

Being on the south-east facing Atlantic coast means there can be strong waves here. Given there is no lifeguard service caution is advised if you are thinking about taking a swim. The waves at Foul Bay are good news for some and this is one of Barbados’ most popular body boarding spots.

Back to that name; I’ve seen two explanations. The first is that wintering birds would congregate here, and the name has been corrupted from fowl, as in wildfowl.  Another explanation is that up until the 1960s fishermen would sell there catch here with the fish being gutted on the beach. This lead lead to a foul smell and hence the name.
Wherever the name comes from there is nothing remotely unpleasant about Foul Bay these days!

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