Cirali Beach

Çıralı Beach is something of a hidden gem. Tucked away to the south of Antalya this near pristine beach has something to offer everyone from nature lovers to history buffs.

The long pebble and sand beach at Cirali is backed by lush green mountains that rise up from a level plain that is studded with palm trees, olive groves and a few red-roofed villas. There are also a number of quality eateries and a few tavernas tucked away in this low key, laid back resort.

Easy as it is to wile away the day soaking up the sun and views on this idyllic stretch of sand this is an area begging to be explored. Admittedly it takes a bit of effort as getting anywhere involves heading up hill. Chief among the local are the eternal flames of Chimera, a rocky hillside where flames literally spout out of the ground.

Also nearby is the ancient city of Olympos. Here there are quite an expansive set of Roman ruins all set beautifully among the pine trees near the mouth of the River Akcay.

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