Degersand Beach

Degersand Beach - Finland
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One of the most popular vacation destinations in the Åland Islands, Degersand Beach offers a wide range of different activities against the backdrop of splendid views of the Gulf of Bothnia. This cluster of islands is a unique multicultural area in Northern Europe, sitting between Finland and Sweden, and it is the only area of Finland to have a majority Swedish-speaking population.

That unique blend of cultures is on display in Degersand Beach, with great cuisine from both nations to be had at one of the local restaurants and café. Of particular note is Restaurant Q, the on-site restaurant located near one of the busiest parts of the beach.

Also located nearby is an on-site sauna, which is best appreciated in the wintertime.

During the summer, Degersand Beach is one of the most popular spots for sunning one’s self in Finland. It is also home to a wide range of beach sports. Not only is there space for beach volleyball, there are also areas for badminton and croquet. Degersand also has a special area set aside for children and families to play.

With a warm, welcoming, uniquely multicultural atmosphere, and great scenery, Degersand Beach has something for everyone.

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