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Beaches in Finland face more extreme conditions than most other countries - the warmth of summer and the freezing depths of winter. Whilst most beachgoers would pack up their towels when the mercury plummets, Nallikari Beach has something to offer all year round. 

During summer, it is one of the most popular spots to soak up the sun in Finland. In winter, the beach and surrounding area plays host to Baltic Snow Call, a snow sculpting contest open to contestants worldwide. The area is also near the historic Hietasaari area as well as the Eden Spa. From the ice cream kiosks to the lighthouse café to the sports stores nearby, there’s something for everyone.

Those sports stores hint at the fact that Nallikari Beach is a very sports-friendly place. Cycling, skating, beach volleyball, beach football, water sports – Nallikari Beach plays host to all this and more.

The local area is also one of the most popular seaside resorts in Oulu since its inauguration in 1946. A camping ground opened in the 1960s, and every year tens of thousands of visitors flock to pitch up.

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