Beaches in Sozopol, Bulgaria

The Black Sea town of Sozopol is one of the oldest on the coast. Not only is it full of charm, but it is also home to a couple of fine beaches and within a stone's throw of many more of Bulgaria's best.

Located about 35 km south of the city of Burgas, Sozopol has grown in popularity exponentially over the last couple of decades. It isn't difficult to see why; set on a narrow rocky peninsula, the old town is crammed with red-roofed, half-timber houses and old churches all strung together within a maze of cobbled streets. The old harbour is still a hive of activity with an active fishing fleet landing fish for the tables of the local restaurants.

Of course things have moved on and there is now a busy modern quarter catering to the needs of international visitors. Here you will find plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars which remain open late into the night.

With its guaranteed weather, sandy beaches, history, culture and create cuisine Sozopol is without doubt one of the best locations for a beach holiday in Bulgaria.

  • Duni Beach

    Duni Beach
    © SpaceControl / CC BY

    Bulgaria's beaches come in all shapes and sizes to suit all visitors. Duni Beach has the distinction of being one of the most resort-friendly beaches in Bulgaria. With a number of well catered for resorts in close proximity, this is definitely a great beach to consider visiting.

    This is also one…

  • Primorsko

    © / CC BY

    One of Bulgaria's premiere beachside resorts, Primorsko also has an illustrious history stretching back to the Bronze Age. The town also served as a medieval fortress and valuable port between Western and Ottoman traders. That legacy of international exchange remains vivid in Primorsko's vibrant café and nightlife culture.


  • Pomorie Beach

    Pomorie Beach
    Boby Dimitrov

    One spot on the Southern half of the Bulgarian Black Sea Coast which is well worth a visit is Pomorie Beach with its 5 km of dazzling white sand. The area is well-known in the region for the mineral water produced by springs in the town. In addition, Pomorie Bay…

  • Primorsko South beach

    Primorsko South beach

    Primorsko's other beach sits to the south of the headland which is home to this pleasant resort town. This long stretch of golden sand is partly backed by sand dunes and the Dyavolska River which helps preserve something of a wild feeling, particularly towards the southern…

  • Atliman Beach

    Atliman Beach
    © Zourich / CC BY

    Atliman Beach is another perfect example of a sun-kissed Bulgarian beach that has become a popular holiday destination in the past few years. The resort has grown in popularity in recent years with a number of hotels springing up in the area.

    The beach here is quite unique in that it…

  • Sozopol

    kuchin ster

    For an enticing blend of the old and the new, look no further than Sozopol. One of the oldest towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera, there's a lot to see here historically speaking, from the Archaeological Museum to the Southern Fortress Wall to the Old Town area, where many…

  • Green Life Beach

    Green Life Beach
    Boby Dimitrov
  • Camping Gradina

    Camping Gradina
  • Royal Beach

    Royal Beach
    pavel dimov
  • Alepu Beach

    Alepu Beach
  • Pearl Beach

    Pearl Beach
  • Burgas Beach

    Burgas Beach
    Philip Kromer

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