Kara Dere Beach (Karadere)

In recent decades much of Bulgaria’s Black Sea Coast has been transformed by mass tourism, which is what makes Kara Dere Beach so special in how wild and untamed it remains. 

The beach’s name derives from the Turkish word “kara” meaning “black” and “dere” meaning “gully”, and its wild status continues to make it a black sheep amongst Bulgaria’s more tourist-heavy, resort-laden coast. It is one of the few areas that still allows free camping and is largely unspoiled by hotels and even local amenities. If you’re looking to truly get in touch with nature on your next beach trip, Kara Dere Beach is a great place to do it.

The beach itself is around 5 km long and is flanked by a mixed oak forest as well as several vineyards and cultivated areas. The mouths of both the Kara Dere as well as the Byala River are located on the beach. Spring water, mud baths, and even the occasional dolphin are not out of the question. The sand here is incredibly fine, and the crisp sea air and sea water are unpolluted by modern industry.

If you do visit, therefore, please be respectful and help preserve the Kare Dere Beach’s enduring untamed and unspoiled beauty.

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