Best Beaches in Varna, Bulgaria

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  • Varna beach

    Varna beach

    Among Bulgaria's many fantastic beaches, Varna Beach distinguishes itself by being located in the heart of a thriving city as well as within a stone's throw of a host of other destinations. And that's not to say this isn't a great beach; in fact if you are looking to get the most out… read more »

  • Golden Sands

    Golden Sands
    © Mister No / CC BY

    Any list of Bulgaria's top beaches wouldn't be complete without Golden Sands Beach. It is easily one of the best known beaches in the country, and has long been a popular summer spot with locals and tourists alike. If you're looking for somewhere a little more family-friendly and peaceful than the more touristic Sunny… read more »

  • Shkorpilovtsi Beach

    Shkorpilovtsi Beach

    Sometimes one of the best things about traveling is finding hidden gems you'd never think to look for but, once you arrive, can't imagine how you lived without. Such is the case with Shkorpilovtsi. While it may not have the notoriety of some of Bulgaria's bigger beaches, it's nevertheless a great slice of authentic Bulgarian… read more »

  • Kara Dere

    Kara Dere
    Svilen Enev

    In recent decades much of Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast has been transformed by mass tourism, which is what makes Kara Dere Beach so special in how wild and untamed it remains. 

    The beach's name derives from the Turkish word "kara" meaning "black" and "dere" meaning "gully", and its wild status continues to make it a black… read more »

  • Bolata Beach

    Bolata Beach
    © Dimitar Bachvarov / CC BY

    Located in a neat little enclave flanked by smooth brick-red ridges, Bolata Beach is one of Northern Bulgaria's best kept secrets. A near perfect semi-circle of sand, protected by breakwaters, this is a quite unique little cove, and one of very few beaches in the area.

    While Bulgaria's beaches are beginning to become better-appreciated by the… read more »

  • Rusalka Beach

    Rusalka Beach
    © Vladislav Bezrukov / CC BY
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  • Sveti Vlas

    Sveti Vlas

    One of the Bulgaria's most upwardly mobile resorts, Sveti Vlas (St. Vlas) Beach is rapidly developing into an popular yachting port with a host of facilities. Located about 5 km north of the Sunny Beach, the area and sits at the foot of the Balkan Mountains. Sveti Vlas is actually a cluster of three smaller… read more »

  • St Konstantin & Elena

    St Konstantin & Elena
    Kiril Kapustin (
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  • Kabakum Beach

    Kabakum Beach
    © Svilen Enev / CC BY
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