Top 25+ Kerala Beaches

Self proclaimed as "God's Own Country" Kerala has plenty to brag about. One of India's most southerly states Kerala has over 600 km of Arabian Sea coast dotted with palm fringed, sandy beaches.

Kerala is well known for its Backwaters, a network of waterways just inland from the coast. These are home to some beautiful scenery, colourful house boats and abundant wildlife. A little further inland are the mountainous slopes of the Western Ghats where you will find tea, coffee and spice plantations.

People often want to compare Kerala and Goa, which makes some sense as they are India's most visited coastal regions. Whilst there are similarities, the two states have a very different feel and attract a different crowd. If you want to party hard, you should probably head to Goa. Kerala on the other hand is more serene and laid-back. There's still plenty going on, but in a state where alchol is banned it's going to be a very different experience.

Kerala has a long and diverse history with many reminders of its colonial past, both Portuguese and Dutch.