Pui O Beach

Pui O Beach on the southern coast of Lantau Island is a beautiful, long stretch of golden sand. Backed by fertile plains and a river the terrain rises up to either side with mountains providing a stunning backdrop. What makes this picturesque beach particularly interesting though are the roaming water buffalo, a legacy of the areas farming history. The sand at Pui O is black and yellow because of the geological composition of the area. It is also soothing on bare feet because it is lovely and smooth.

Despite its remote location there are campsites, cottages, watersports, snacks, a beach bar, and toilets, so you will have all of the modern comforts while you visit.

The water here stays pretty warm for most of the year, so you can swim, surf, and paddle in the clear waters. You won’t find (or need) umbrellas as the trees that line the beach provide plenty of shade to escape the sun. If you are looking for a break from the busy life in Hong Kong, you will find peacefulness and beauty on Pui O Beach.

You can travel to Lantau Island by ferry and then take the bus to Pui O, from where it is a short hike to the beach.

Pui O Beach is most popular with those who appreciate the outdoors and people who want to use the campsite to escape to a peaceful location.

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