Cossies Beach

  • Cossies Beach - Australia
    © David Stanley / CC BY Pinterest
  • Cossies Beach - Australia
    © David Stanley / CC BY Pinterest

The Cocos (Keeling) Islands are a remote goup of 27 tiny islands located nearly 1000km off the coast of Western Australia in the Indian Ocean. Made up of two coral atolls the islands are known for their white­-sand beaches, palm trees and lagoons. They are in essence the very picture of paradise.

Of all the beaches on the Cocos Keeling Islands it is said that “Cossies” beach is the lovliest of them all. Situated on the diminutive, banana-shaped Direction Island, the 300 metre long beach faces into the calm, clear waters of the lagoon which is central to the island group. It ticks all the boxes for tropical perfection; lined with coconut plam trees, powder white sand, shallow seas teaming with marine life and year round summer. It is everything you dreamt about in a beach and more. Visitors are often left struck by the colours, and how vivid they are - it is as if someone turned the saturation up a notch. Verdant greens, brilliant deep blues, turquoise and azure waters.

You can get to Cossies by ferry from the neigbouring, larger West Island. The ferry ride takes less than half and hour and won’t cost you much, however it only goes a few times a week. On the other hand you could arrive in style like the crusing yachts that are dotted around the bay.

Despite having caught the attention of the great naturalist Charles Darwin the beach is named after a more recent admirer of the beach’s qualities. Cossie is the affectionate name for General Sir Peter John Cosgrove - the Australian Governor-General.

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