Singing Sands (Basin Head)

Imagine walking along the beach and hearing strange musical tones. You might think you’re going a little crazy, but actually the Singing Sands are the source of this extraordinary phenomenon.

The grains of sand actually squeak or “sing” when you drag your feet or rustle the sand with your hands. It’s actually the high content of silica and quartz in the dry sand particles that rub together and create the “music”, if you can call it that.

Located on the eastern coast of Prince Edward Island, Singing Sands Beach is part of the larger Basin Head Provincial Park, just east of Souris. There’s a convenient parking lot and boardwalk leading to two beautiful sandy beaches divided by a water channel flowing from an inland pond. At times, the water can be fast-moving so children should be supervised.

A bridge over the outlet connects the smaller white sandy beach to the south with the larger main beach which runs for miles. It’s a popular spot for doing the “Bridge Run”, jumping into the waters from the bridge, but it can be dangerous as the water can be deceptively shallow at times.

In 2013, the beach was named “Top Beach in Canada” by and it’s pretty special. Amenities include showers, washroom, gazebo, picnic tables, ice cream stand and gift shop (which incidentally sells commemorative “I’ve done the Bridge Run” T-shirts”). The beach has lifeguards from late June to September.

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