Hornbæk Strand

Within an hour’s drive of Copenhagen, Hornbæk Strand is both the biggest and most popular beach in the region, and with good reason. For one thing, Hornbæk Beach is as soft a sandy beach as you’ll find anywhere. Its fine-grained sand is both soothing between the toes or to bask on top of, making this a great place to relax. That sand also collects in some impressive dunes that help block wind and add give Hornbæk Beach an altogether wild feel.

For those in the mood for beach food, you’ll find the Café Sunspot right in the middle of the beach. Its Danish style menu includes everything from sausages and sandwiches to beer and wine to ice cream and local snacks. Meanwhile, at the entrance to the beach you’ll find the local food market, The Greasy Corner. To the east, you’ll find the scenic Hornbæk Harbour and a barbecue area nearby.

If you’re after a beach party then be sure to visit Hornbæk on Midsummer’s Day, August 14, for some true “midsummer madness” with music and events.

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