Apollonas Beach

Head northeast from Naxos town for around 30 kilometres and you’ll reach the double whammy of the gently curving sands of Apollonas Beach and the Kouros colossal ancient statue just a few hundred metres away. Lying more than ten metres in height, this unfinished marble statue of the Greek deity Dionysus (the god of wine and merriment) remains where it was begun some 2,600 years ago.

Back on the sheltered bay of Apollonas Beach itself, the waters rival the summer skies in the brightness of their blues, although the direction this comparatively thin ribbon of sand faces means it can receive strong winds which aren’t recommended for swimming in.

Already quiet and secluded compared to other beaches on Naxos, Apollonas Beach boasts two smaller semi-separate beaches at its top end, and a handful of tastefully-decorated places to stay should you prefer to do more than take a day trip from elsewhere on the island.

Should you visit, be aware there are no amenities such as sunbeds and umbrellas, however food and drink can be found at a choice of small cafes and bars.

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