Egremni Beach


Egremni beach, Lefkada
Egremni Beach



There is little doubt that Egremni beach is one of the finest on the island of Lefkada, which by default makes it one of the best in Greece. It is a beautiful spot with the long white sand beach backed by high limestone cliffs. However, it is the water colour that sets Egremni apart, a fantastic milky blue yet crystal clear. The 325 steps down to the beach don't seem to have put too many people off as this is a popular beach and the facilities are good. That said, it is a big enough beach that you can still find some peace towards the northern end if you so desire.

2015 Earthquake

On the 17th November 2015 a powerful earthquake struck Egremni causing extensive landslides along this section of the Lefkada coast. Reports indicate that much of the beach has been covered but the extent of this damage is not clear yet. The only thing to be thankful about is the earthquake happened during one of the quietest periods of the year, although to local women died as a result of the quake.

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Egremni Beach tide times

Tue 11th December

Low 01:16am (0.18m)
High 08:01am (0.49m)
Low 01:33pm (0.24m)
High 08:10pm (0.48m)

Wed 12th December

Low 01:53am (0.21m)
High 08:39am (0.47m)
Low 02:13pm (0.27m)
High 08:49pm (0.46m)

Thu 13th December

Low 02:34am (0.24m)
High 09:20am (0.45m)
Low 02:58pm (0.30m)
High 09:34pm (0.44m)

Fri 14th December

Low 03:21am (0.28m)
High 10:07am (0.44m)
Low 03:55pm (0.32m)
High 10:25pm (0.42m)

Today's weather


11 °C
(51 °F)

Gentle breeze, 13.7 km/h from ENE

Sea temperature

18.9°C / 66°F


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