Agiofili Beach

  • Agiofili Beach - Greece
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  • Agiofili Beach - Greece

Not far from the village of Vasiliki, Agiofili is a charming little beach with crystal clear waters and soft white sand. Surrounded by steep, rugged cliffs covered in greenery, this sheltered cove is reputed to have some of the clearest waters on Lefkada. This makes it a great spot for snorkelling, or just taking a dip in the calm blue Ionian waters. And when you relax in this peaceful little hidden gem, you will feel at one with the serene beauty of nature.

Agiofili is near the southern tip of the island, about 40.5 kilometers south of Lefkada Town but is relatively easy to reach by car. There is plenty of transport to this beach from all over the island; you can take a boat from Vasiliki or rent a car fairly inexpensively. However, there is actually a trekking path that connects Vasiliki to Agiofili if you are up for a walk through some stunning coastal scenery.

If you are looking for a secluded beach with the clearest waters in Lefkada, this is your destination. The views are fantastic, and you will lose yourself in the magnificent beauty of this special spot. Relax on the sandy beach and feel the warm sun as you look out over the clear blue water. This is truly a slice of Ionian heaven and well worth the trip.

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