Geordie Bay

Lying on its northern coast facing out into nothing but the deep blue, Geordie Bay boasts one of the largest beaches on Rottnest Island. Its proximity to those lucky enough to be resident on the island all year round means that there are plenty of close amenities and accommodation options, as well as a café, store, and public toilets on the beach itself.

The popularity of Geordie Bay doesn’t just lie in its proximity to one of the island’s main settlements however. What draws people here is its combination of white sands and vibrant blue waters. A common swimming spot, it also sees its fair number of boats mooring just offshore on its busier days.

Another attraction of Geordie Bay is its population of friendly quokkas, a small ground-dwelling marsupial found almost nowhere else in the enormity of Australia.

Should you be looking for some time away from the roll of the Indian Ocean waves, Lake Vincent is situated on the inland side of Geordie Bay.

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  • Diving & snorkelling
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