Nielsen Park Beach (Shark Beach)

Don’t let the name scare you off, but Shark beach in Nielsen Park is one of Sydney’s very finest beaches. Not only do you not have to worry about sharks (the beach is netted) it is also tucked away on the sheltered side of South Head meaning there are no Pacific waves to knock you off your feet. Combine this with great views over the harbour towards the city and you have the makings of a perfect day at the beach.

Shark beach in Nielsen Park has a very different feel to itĀ from the other beaches of the nearby eastern suburbs. This is definitely a family beach and as the name suggests it is in an area of parkland so there is plenty of grass to lounge and picnic on. It is somewhat cosier too, with a backdrop of trees providing plenty of opportunities to grab some shade. It can get a little too cosy as the tide comes in and the sand retreats, though there is still plenty of grass to sit on.

In case you have decided that this is in fact the ideal Sydney beach for you and all your family, a quick addendum. The shark nets are taken down between mid-May to mid-September - so you’ll be forgiven if the idea of taking a dip somewhere named shark beach seems a little less appealing!

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