Best Beaches in Eastern Europe

  • Bečići // Montenegro

    ©Natalia Semenova

    Bečići Beach was recognised for its beauty as far back as 1935, when it won the Grand Prix in Paris as the most beautiful in all of Europe. More recently, it has been visited by such A-listers as the Rolling Stones, Madonna, Brad Pitt, and Angelina Jolie, cementing the fantastically… read more »

  • Pržno // Montenegro

    ©Сергей Наруков

    Przno Beach (look out for signs reading Pržno Plaža) is situated within a small fishing village that couldn't be more Mediterranean in style if it tried. Part of the Budva Riviera, the village remains quiet and largely traditional, with artisan fishing boats still moored in the harbour formed by the… read more »

  • Queen's beach // Montenegro

    Queen's beach

    Known by its English moniker as much as any other, Queen's Beach (or Kralijčina Praža to give it its true name) takes its title from the fact the penultimate Queen Consort of Yugoslavia, Marija, had a summer palace here.

    Surrounded by thick forest and well-maintained parkland, the white sand and drinking-water… read more »

  • Buljarica // Montenegro

    ©Sea Dance Festival

    Located a stone's throw from the pleasant little resort town of Petrovac is Buljarica beach. One of the longest beaches in all Montenegro, it stretches for nearly 2.5 kilometres.

    With so much space it should in theory be easy enough to find a patch of sand to throw down your… read more »

  • Murvica // Croatia


    Murvica Beach can be found on the island of Brac, and offers white sands and picture postcard views towards the island of Hvar. Largely virgin in set up, the amenities at Murvica Beach are limited to a car park above the sands on a clifftop perch, and a snack bar… read more »

  • Sahara beach // Croatia

    Sahara beach
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  • Oprna // Croatia

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  • Kara Dere // Bulgaria

    Kara Dere
    ©Svilen Enev

    In recent decades much of Bulgaria's Black Sea Coast has been transformed by mass tourism, which is what makes Kara Dere Beach so special in how wild and untamed it remains. 

    The beach's name derives from the Turkish word "kara" meaning "black" and "dere" meaning "gully", and its wild status continues… read more »

  • Vega Beach // Albania

    Vega Beach
    ©Tomasz Lewicki

    Set on a short stretch of rocky coastline roughly 150 metres long by 15 metres wide, Vega Beach is a manmade creation close to the city of Vlorë. Access from its fine off-white gravel surface to the sea is via steps bypassing the rocks, which may make it a little… read more »

  • Copacabana Beach // Croatia

    Copacabana Beach
    ©Nick Savchenko

    While not yet as famous as its Brazilian counterpart, Croatia's Copacabana Beach has a huge amount to offer. Located in Seka Bay, on the north side of the Lapad Peninsula, Copacabana has views to Daksa and the Elafiti Islands. It lies very close to Dubrovnik's tourist zone of Babin… read more »

  • Slovenska // Montenegro


    Simply translating as ‘Slovenian Beach' since the architect who designed the area behind it hailed from that part of what was then a united Yugoslavia, Slovenska Plaža runs unbroken for a magical 1,600 metres.

    Comprising sand interspersed with naturally-occurring pebbles, it is a beach with great facilities, making it more than… read more »

  • Perazica Do // Montenegro

    Perazica Do
    ©Zlatomir Bacic

    With dramatic cliffs to one side, and a near-flat entrance into the stunning colours of the Adriatic Sea on the other, Perazica Do Beach is as alluring as any in Montenegro. A few hundred metres in length, it boasts only a handful of sun loungers, hired out on a first… read more »