Half Moon Bay

Half Moon Bay, Turks and Caicos

Half Moon Bay is a narrow strip of pristine tropical beach that has formed between two uninhabited cays. Not so long ago these little Caribbean sand islands were separated by a channel, but this has since filled with beautiful beach.

On the northern side of the sandy strip is a sheltered stretch of the Atlantic. The beach here is protected by a barrier reef not far from shore making the warm, shallow turquoise water ideal for swimming. The other side of the beach is even more sheltered and there is a shallow lagoon with even warmer water.

The beach is backed by low limestone cliffs at either end and a variety of vegetation including palm trees and Casuarina trees. Combined with the complete lack of development at Half Moon Bay the beach has a remote, wild feeling - despite being just over a mile from Providenciales. In fact there is no shortage of wildlife here with herons, pelicans and even ospreys frequenting the lagoon. A more unexpected visitor may be one of the rock iguanas that inhabit Little Water Cay, or Iguana Island to give it its other name!

Getting to Half Moon Bay requires a short boat trip from Provo and there are many companies offering day trips. Alternatively you can grab a kayak or paddle board and make your own way over. Either way it is pretty much guaranteed you won't have to share this beautiful Caribbean beach with many others.

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Half Moon Bay tide times

Sat 15th December

High 02:51am (0.59m)
Low 08:42am (0.31m)
High 03:03pm (0.68m)
Low 09:34pm (0.26m)

Sun 16th December

High 03:48am (0.62m)
Low 09:44am (0.31m)
High 03:52pm (0.66m)
Low 10:18pm (0.24m)

Mon 17th December

High 04:43am (0.67m)
Low 10:47am (0.31m)
High 04:41pm (0.65m)
Low 11:01pm (0.21m)

Tue 18th December

High 05:35am (0.72m)
Low 11:47am (0.30m)
High 05:31pm (0.64m)
Low 11:45pm (0.18m)

Today's weather

Partly cloudy

26 °C
(78 °F)

Fresh breeze, 35.6 km/h from ESE

Sea temperature

27.2°C / 81°F


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