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Beaches in Dubrovnik, Croatia

Map featuring Dubrovnik beaches. Click on pins to view beach details
  • Banje Beach

    Banje Beach - Dubrovnik

    Croatia is home to some of the most naturally beautiful beaches in Europe but Banje Beach also offers a perfect backdrop of historic splendour.

    The beach is located on the edge of Dubrovnik's Old Town alongside the 17th century Lazareti and Ploce Gate. To visit this area is to take a…

  • Sveti Jakov

    Sveti Jakov - Dubrovnik

    Within a stone's throw of Dubrovnik's Old Town a the beautiful bay which is home to Sveti Jakov Beach. Beyond the translucent sapphire waters are views to Dubrovnik's Old Town itself. This makes it a great spot for escaping the crowds and basking in the afternoon sun after a…

  • Šunj (Lopud Island)

    Šunj (Lopud Island) - Dubrovnik
  • Saplunara

    Saplunara - Dubrovnik

    Set at the far end of the somewhat undiscovered Dalmatian island of Mljet is the seaside village of Saplunara. Even as Croatia edges its way from the peripheries of the tourist map Mljet remains one of the hidden gems of the Adriatic and this is despite being only 30 km…

  • Bellevue Beach

    Bellevue Beach - Dubrovnik
    Tony Hisgett
  • Lapad Beach

    Lapad Beach - Dubrovnik
  • Copacabana

    Copacabana - Dubrovnik
    Nick Savchenko
  • Veliki Žali

    Veliki Žali - Dubrovnik

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