Breidavik Beach

Church on Breidavik beach
Breiðavík beach

The pretty little settlement of Breiðavík is located just around the corner from Iceland's (and Europe's) most westerly point, Látrabjarg. Besides the weatherboard church and a clutch of houses there is one thing that draws people to Breidavik - the enormous stretch of white sand beach.

Breidavik Beach is said by many to be the finest beach in Iceland and it's not difficult to see why. Breiðavík set on a meadow encompassed by the huge crescent of glacier carved cliffs of Bjarnamupur and the aquamarine waters of the Atlantic ocean. The beach here seems to go on for ever though it is occasionally interrupted by a mountain stream making its way down to the sea.

If you see another sole whilst you stroll along the length of this beach then the chances are it is the middle of summer. Many of the people who come this far off the beaten track are merely stopping off on their way to the Látrabjarg bird cliffs which are well known for the millions of puffins, gannets, guillemots and razorbills.

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Breidavik Beach tide times

Tue 11th December

Low 03:22am (-0.14m)
High 09:49am (1.96m)
Low 04:15pm (-0.01m)
High 10:09pm (1.41m)

Wed 12th December

Low 04:04am (0.03m)
High 10:36am (1.81m)
Low 05:10pm (0.11m)
High 11:05pm (1.27m)

Thu 13th December

Low 04:57am (0.20m)
High 11:33am (1.67m)
Low 06:16pm (0.19m)

Fri 14th December

High 12:18am (1.19m)
Low 06:07am (0.32m)
High 12:42pm (1.58m)
Low 07:29pm (0.18m)

Today's weather

Light rain

5 °C
(41 °F)

Gentle breeze, 16.6 km/h from E

Sea temperature

5°C / 41°F


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