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Anse Intendance, Mahé



Anse Intendance is the best known of Mahé's beaches and probably for good reason. Set in a bay backed by lush tropical vegetation, this half mile stretch of white coral sand really does have a feel of paradise about it. Whilst the beach feels very much unspoilt a look behind the coconut palms will reveal some of the Seychelles most exclusive accommodation including the Banyan Tree Hotel and a clutch of private villas. As one would expect of a beach in the Seychelles the water here is the kind of turquoise most of us only see on postcards. To add the perfect finishing touch to this beautiful bay there are also some interesting granite boulders dotted around the beach - ideal for climbing on I'm told!

Being located on the southwestern shores of the island means two things. Firstly, the waves here are a lot larger and more powerful than on many other Seychelles beaches as there is no offshore reef sheltering the shoreline. Whilst not ideal for swimming Anse Intendance is a popular surfing spot. In addition to great surf this is one of the best places to watch the sunset on the islands, preferably whilst sipping something fittingly exotic.

Anse Intendance tide times

Tue 11th December

Low 01:12am (0.54m)
High 07:24am (1.63m)
Low 01:48pm (0.49m)
High 07:51pm (1.43m)

Wed 12th December

Low 01:45am (0.60m)
High 07:57am (1.56m)
Low 02:23pm (0.55m)
High 08:27pm (1.37m)

Thu 13th December

Low 02:22am (0.67m)
High 08:33am (1.47m)
Low 03:00pm (0.62m)
High 09:09pm (1.32m)

Fri 14th December

Low 03:03am (0.75m)
High 09:13am (1.38m)
Low 03:44pm (0.69m)
High 10:01pm (1.27m)

Today's weather

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Sea temperature

28.9°C / 84°F


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