The Beach Guide

Top 4 Beaches in Seychelles

If the Seychelles is known for anything then it’s most certainly the breathtaking sandy beaches that are found on any one of its 115 islands. The main islands are Mahe, Praslin, La Digue, Fregate and North Island are home to the most notable and visited beaches. Every island in the Seychelles is ringed with white coral sands, lapped by the clear turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean and blessed to be backed by lush green hills. Much of the Seychelles also contains protected sanctuaries to preserve the wonderful array of flora and fauna.
  • Anse Lazio

    Anse Lazio
    ©Iakov Kalinin / 123RF

    Anse Lazio in the Seychelles is the archetypal tropical beach that sets the standard for all others. Set in Chevalier Bay on the north western tip of Praslin island, Anse Lazio is a broad swathe of soft white sand flanked by granite boulders at each end and a thick fringing… read more »

  • Anse Source d?Argent

    Anse Source d?Argent
    ©Iakov Kalinin / 123RF

    Located in the North of La Digue island is Anse Source d?Argent beach, a little slice of tropical paradise. Powdery white sand is offset by towering granite boulders worn smooth by the passage of time. Palm trees sway gently in the breeze and the water is clear and blue. Protected… read more »

  • Anse Georgette

    Anse Georgette

    Beautifully positioned in a secluded cove on the north western tip of Praslin is the beach of Anse Georgette. A heaven for sunseekers with soft white coral sands backed by tropical palm forest complete with tropical birds nesting in the trees. Given this is the Seychelles it is pretty difficult… read more »

  • Anse Intendance

    Anse Intendance
    ©Igor Chaikovsky

    Anse Intendance is the best known of Mahé's beaches and probably for good reason. Set in a bay backed by lush tropical vegetation, this half mile stretch of white coral sand really does have a feel of paradise about it. Whilst the beach feels very much unspoilt a look behind… read more »