Top 9 Egypt Beaches

The Best Egyptian Beaches...

  • Naama Bay // Red Sea

    Naama Bay
    Mohamed kamal 1984

    Sharm el Sheikh'sNa'ama Bay area is set back slightly from the rest of this area of coastline, meaning its gleaming waters tend to be even more tranquil than elsewhere. It's long arc of sun-bleached sand faces roughly southeast, and is surrounded by some of the area's best hotels, restaurants, and nightlife.

    One of the main tourist spots in the region, Na'ama Bay is popular with… read more »

  • Dahab // Red Sea

    Davidlohr Bueso

    Lying on the eastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, Dahab Lagoon has made a name for itself in the scuba diving world. The lagoon is formed by thin fingers of land that together create a natural harbour and protect it from the Gulf of Aqaba. It gets its name from the Arabic for gold, a colour which perfectly defines the desert landscape of bare hills… read more »

  • El Gouna // Red Sea

    El Gouna
    Maarten Visser

    El Gouna is a modern resort town on Egypt's Red Sea coast. Not far from the better-known beaches of Hurghada, El Gouna has roughly six miles of well-maintained sand split into several distinct beaches. Their sands lie across 20 different islands separated by lagoons and connected by bridges. It's from the Arabic for lagoon that El Gouna gets its name.

    Part of the Red Sea Riviera,… read more »

  • Soma Bay // Red Sea

    Soma Bay

    Soma Bay has a commanding position on Egypt's Red Sea Riviera coast less than 30 miles from Hurghada's international airport. It sits on a peninsula surrounded by the Red Sea on three sides. Three miles long by 1.2 miles wide, there's plenty of choice when it comes to the bay's off-white sandy beaches, while as a gated community the security is second to none,… read more »

  • Stanley Beach // Mediterranean

    Stanley Beach
    © Ayman Zaid
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  • Agiba Beach // Mediterranean

    Agiba Beach
    Roland Unger

    Agiba Beach gets its name from the Arabic for "miracle". It lies on Egypt's Mediterranean Sea coast just west of the town of Marsa Matrouh. Set back in a small cove, the near white sands are trapped between cliffs on all sides. In fact, access to the beach is via a footpath down from the clifftop, making it unsuitable for very young children and those… read more »

  • Fjord Bay, Taba // Red Sea

    Fjord Bay, Taba
    Mohammed Moussa

    Fjord Bay is located roughly ten miles south of Taba on the Sinai Peninsula, close to the northernmost tip of the Gulf of Aqaba and the border crossing with Eilat, Israel. Largely unknown to those outside of the region, the bay is formed from a narrow inlet of the Red Sea reminiscent of a fjord. Its shallows end with a band of richly-coloured sands.

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  • Marsa Alam // Red Sea

    Marsa Alam
    Mohammad Chawki

    Marsa Alam is the most southerly resort town on Egypt's Red Sea Riviera. This means it has excellent year-round weather, and some of the most consistent temperatures of any of Egypt's beaches.

    When it comes to beaches, Marsa Alam has somewhere in the region of 30 miles of largely untouched sand. Beside it you'll find a crop of high-end hotels, while well-regarded restaurants can be found… read more »

  • Sahl Hasheesh // Red Sea

    Sahl Hasheesh
    Marc Ryckaert
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