Playa de la Concha (Lobos) Water Temperature

22°C / 71.6°F

The sea at Playa de la Concha (Lobos) feels warm so don't forget to pack your bathers!

Average Sea Temp for Playa de la Concha (Lobos)

The chart and table below are the sea temperature averages for Playa de la Concha (Lobos) calculated from over twenty years of oceanographic data. As above the water temperatures given are for sea surface temperature (SST) which is most relevant to recreational users.

Playa de la Concha (Lobos) sea temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit
  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
°C 19 18 18 19 19 21 21 22 23 23 21 20
°F 66 65 65 66 67 69 70 72 73 73 71 68