Rhossili Bay


Rhossili Bay



Rhossili Bay is allegedly the finest beach in Britain and one of the best in the world. Whilst I am not going to disagree that this is indeed a stunning beach I think there is an awful lot of competition and it has quite a lot to live up to. So, just what makes Rhossili beach so great? Well, three miles of golden sand in the unspoilt setting of South Wales' Gower Peninsula is a good start. This was the first designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty in the United Kingdom and this wild landscape certainly lives up to this. To one end of the bay is "the Beacon", the highest point on the Gower, to the other end, "the Worm's Head", a small tidal island that can be reached at low tide.
Catch Rhossili Bay on the right day, when the sun is shining and a big Atlantic swell is running and you too well see what all the fuss is about.

Rhossili Bay tide times

Sat 15th December

Low 04:36am (3.30m)
High 11:08am (7.45m)
Low 05:20pm (3.28m)
High 11:35pm (7.14m)

Sun 16th December

Low 05:46am (3.54m)
High 12:15pm (7.29m)
Low 06:33pm (3.35m)

Mon 17th December

High 12:48am (7.10m)
Low 07:07am (3.49m)
High 01:27pm (7.38m)
Low 07:45pm (3.15m)

Tue 18th December

High 02:01am (7.36m)
Low 08:17am (3.17m)
High 02:34pm (7.73m)
Low 08:47pm (2.75m)

Today's weather

Heavy rain

6 °C
(42 °F)

Strong breeze, 41.8 km/h from ESE

Sea temperature

11.7°C / 53°F


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