Hellfire Bay

Situated within the protected bounds of Cape Le Grand National Park, Hellfire Beach doesn’t give away its secrets easily. Almost hidden among giant slabs of granite, this lesser known stretch of sand has some of the clearest waters in the area.

Approximately 60 kilometres east of the town of Esperance, opposite Frenchman’s Peak, this secluded coastal spot is backed by high dunes. Its white sand is so fine that it squeaks when walked on.

Continuing its run for around 600 metres in length, Hellfire Bay is a good choice for swimmers when weather conditions allow, although they should avoid the near-permanent rip tides at the rocks at either extreme of the beach’s reach.

When it comes to amenities, there are public toilets, barbeque facilities, and a picnic shelter with a handful of tables.

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  • Restroom/toilets

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