Crane Beach


Crane beach



Crane beach is everything you expect a Caribbean should be. A stretch of pristine white sand with clear, azure waters; it is little wonder this palm-fringed idyll is frequently cited as one of the best beaches on earth. The name of the beach dates back to the days when the beach was used as a harbour and a large crane was located here to load and unload the ships.

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Crane Beach tide times

Mon 10th December

High 08:12am (2.52m)
Low 04:53pm (-0.17m)

Tue 11th December

High 08:53am (2.41m)
Low 05:27pm (-0.13m)

Wed 12th December

High 09:33am (2.28m)
Low 05:56pm (-0.07m)

Thu 13th December

High 02:37am (1.44m)
Low 05:01am (1.39m)
High 10:14am (2.13m)
Low 06:23pm (0.00m)

Today's weather

Rain showers

26 °C
(78 °F)

Moderate breeze, 23.8 km/h from E

Sea temperature

27.2°C / 81°F


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