Isla Damas Beach

  • Isla Damas Beach - Chile
  • Isla Damas Beach - Chile
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  • Isla Damas Beach - Chile

The beaches on Isla Damas are quite unusual for Chile and you could be mistaken for thinking you had mistakenly landed on an island somewhere in the Mediterranean. The landscape is arid with low shrubs clinging to the sandy soil. There are two beaches on the island; La Poza and Las Tijeras both of which have fine white sand and clear turquoise water. They are also on the sheltered side of the island, facing back towards the mountains of the mainland a few miles away. This makes the water calmer and safer (but still chilly) for bathing.

Isla Damas is one of three islands 5km west of Punta de Choros which make up the National Humboldt Penguin Reserve. However, unlike the islands of Choros and Chañaral, Damas is the only one which you can disembark on. There is also a small area for camping.
As you would expect there is an abundance of wildlife in this area. Sea birds, dolphins, sea lions, sea otters and the Humboldt penguins can all be seen here although to get up close you’ll need to take one of the many boat trips that leave from the beach.

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