Canal d'Amour Beach

The tiny beach of Canal d’Amour is only long enough to welcome in a handful of parasols, and not much wider. Its dark, richly-coloured sands sit between two narrow fingers of rock which stretch out some distance into the light waters creating an enclosed canal or fjord-like feel.

Entirely natural, this protected stretch of Corfu’s northern coast has formed because of centuries of wind and wave action. Located between the villages of Sidari and Peroulades, it takes its name - “the channel of love” - from the legend that two people swimming here will end up falling in love - if only perhaps with the vistas all around them!

The size of Canal d’Amour means it’s best to arrive in the earlier part of the morning in order to find a suitable stretch of sand. On busier days, many beachgoers also lay their towels on the finger of sandstone to the right when facing out to sea.

It takes the rough form of an amphitheatre with natural steps staggering down towards the beach’s protected waters, and is reached via a short length of basic iron ladder.

Nearest town/city

Agios Georgis


Dog ban in force


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  • Cafe/restaurant
  • Restroom/toilets

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