Sarakiniko Beach

Breath-taking Sarakiniko Beach lies on the north coast of the Greek island of Milo. Surrounding a narrow inlet of the Aegean Sea, it is not noted for its sand (which is almost entirely absent) but its dazzling white bedrock.

Sarakiniko Beach is reached down a series of slopes that those in wheelchairs or with pushchairs may find a little tricky to navigate, although there are small areas of flat rock edging the turquoise waters of the inlet on the beach’s eastern side. Its western side is dominated by a low cliff which provides the perfect vantage point along with a natural rock arch.

To the other side of the inlet is the Sarakiniko Shipwreck, the remains of a cargo ship which ran aground here in 2003. The site makes an interesting dive spot but is a lot less impressive than it was before the rusting hulk was broken up by the waves.

Other outcrops over deeper water give adrenaline junkies a place to show off, although most visit the beach simple to enjoy its very special landscapes. Extremely photogenic and otherworldly, there’s little vegetation or natural shade. There are also few amenities around the beach itself. Parking is readily available a short distance away.

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