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Hod Private beach - Israel
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Swimming (or just floating) in Israel’s Dead Sea is one to tick off the bucket list for many people. If you intend to give this a go one of the choices you will need to make is whether you go for the free or the paid option.

The free option might involve just pulling up at the roadside, but this is actually harder than it sounds as access is difficult. Therefore, you are left with the choice of whether to go for a dip at a public or private beach. As you might expect swimming at a private beach entails a fee, but you have to decide whether, what might be a once in a lifetime experience, is worth paying for.

Most of the private beaches on the Dead Sea are attached to hotels, and the Hod Private beach is no exception. Like many, the Hod Hotel is a spa resort offering a full pampering package for guests. However, many of the spa facilities will be open to visitors to the beach.

Although it might not sound like a big deal, having good facilities will make all the difference if you want to bathe in the Dead Sea. After all this is an incredibly inhospitable environment; a hot desert climate with water to salty to support water life. You will definitely want to shower thoroughly after going in the sea here. On top of that if you do want to relax by the beach you will have access to a swimming pool where you can actually swim (rather than just float)!

There is a free option with basic facilities right next to the Hod Private beach. The Ein Bokek public beach is free and does have some basic facilities. It is really a choice between whether you want a special once in a lifetime experience, or you just want to tick swimming in the Dead Sea off your list.

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