Ein Gedi Beach

  • Ein Gedi Beach - Israel
  • Ein Gedi Beach - Israel
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Ein Gedi is a lush oasis situated between the sterile waters of the Dead Sea and the unforgiving Judean Desert. It is a hugely popular seaside resort attracting visitors from all corners of the globe, and the local economy has benefitted as demand for top-rated facilities remains insatiable. This is a unique seaside experience offering relaxing leisurely activities, together with life-boosting health treatments.

The vistas are stark and spectacular from Ein Gedi, which overlooks the opaque waters of the Dead Sea right across to the sun-bleached mountains of Jordan. The altitude at surface level of the Dead Sea is a staggering 423 metres / 1,388 feet below sea level. This makes it the lowest land and surface water on planet Earth.

Ein Gedi public beach offers dramatic east-facing views over the therapeutic waters of the Dead Sea, with the incredible mountain backdrops behind the resort, to the west, adding impact. Here, free access to the magical soda waters is open 24/7. Once you overcome the surreal feeling of bobbing belly-up between the crusty soda mounds in the intensely saline water (34% salinity), the freshwater showers are something to look forward to when you are done and dusted. Try encrusting yourself in the free mud mix before floating effortlessly out to sea, dodging natural obstructions on your way to the swim of a lifetime. Gentle backstroke is the only way to move around these waters. It is said that chemicals found naturally in the local mud help treat and even cure a long-list of skin issues, psoriasis being one of them.

The Dead Sea climate offers year-round sunny skies and dry air. It has less than 50 millimetres / 2 inches of annual rainfall, and a summer average temperature between 32 and 39 °C (90 and 102 °F). Winter average temperatures range between 20 and 23 °C (68 and 73 °F). The average water temperature varies between 20 and 32 °C (68 and 90 °F - February and August respectively. This means it is ideal to visit any time of the year. Three atmospheric layers - including a natural evaporation screen positioned above the Dead Sea - help protect visitors from harmful effects of ultraviolet rays.

Bathers will find the public beach at Ein Gedi somewhat rock-strewn, so a little caution is required while navigating towards the water’s edge. Access is free and the beach is open around the clock. Local facilities include a campsite, tables and chairs, freshwater showers by the water’s edge, and basic changing/ablution facilities, and there is a snack bar and a gift shop too. Lifeguards are on duty in peak seasons. Ein Gedi is well equipped for tourism with several accommodation options and a range of restaurants, hotels, cafes and bars.

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