Awaroa Inlet Beach

Located within the protected confines of the South Island’s Abel Tasman National Park, Awaroa Beach curves magnificently around the mesmerising shallows of an atoll-like estuary. Meandering its way for 800 metres in length, it has been nicknamed “The People’s Beach” since it was purchased by New Zealanders from a private owner after a crowdfunding campaign that received the support of some 40,000 people.

A journey here is made all the more special from the fact Awaroa is only accessible on foot and by boat, with no road access. Scenic helicopter flights do overfly the beach without being able to land.

Should you wish to cross the estuary to the other side, it takes approximately 40 minutes across sand banks revealed by the departing tide, but should only be attempted two hours either side of the low tide time, if at all.

As well as the almost unbelievable scenery, Awaroa has become a haven for coastal birds, which now nest nearby.

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