Sandfly Beach

Sandfly Beach - New Zealand
Sandfly Beach

Sandfly Bay lies on the Otago Peninsula on New Zealand's South Island, not far from the city of Dunedin. This beautiful, wild beach is backed by high dunes.

At the northern end of the beach is a bird watching hide constructed to watch the yellow-eyed penguins that are found in this area. The beach is also a good spot to see sea lions and fur seals.

Curiously, the name of the beach does not in fact come from the small biting insects known as sandfly. The beach's name is actually from the sand which, given the exposed nature of this coast is often whipped up and has the effect of sand-blasting visitors.

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Sandfly Beach tide times

Tue 11th December

High 02:01am (2.05m)
Low 08:09am (0.42m)
High 02:14pm (2.05m)
Low 08:29pm (0.43m)

Wed 12th December

High 02:41am (1.98m)
Low 08:49am (0.47m)
High 02:54pm (1.97m)
Low 09:11pm (0.49m)

Thu 13th December

High 03:23am (1.89m)
Low 09:31am (0.53m)
High 03:38pm (1.89m)
Low 09:58pm (0.54m)

Fri 14th December

High 04:10am (1.81m)
Low 10:19am (0.57m)
High 04:28pm (1.82m)
Low 10:50pm (0.57m)

Today's weather


10 °C
(50 °F)

Light breeze, 7.9 km/h from E

Sea temperature

17.2°C / 63°F


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