Torrent Bay

Torrent Bay / Rākauroa

Set within the Abel Tasman National Park, Rākauroa / Torrent Bay consists of not one, but two sandy beaches. The main beach is a curving spit of sand which goes some way to separating a large lagoon from the sea. However, there is also a beach on the lagoon side of Torrent Bay.

Torrent Bay is a lovely spot, backed by the lush, forested landscape of Abel Tasman. If it were anywhere else it would no doubt be an outstanding beach, but given its location there is some pretty stiff competition from the neighbours.

The small township here was not included in the National Park, so remains as a village of holiday houses on privately owned land. Despite there being no electricity or roads this is still home to a popular spot campsite.

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Torrent Bay tide times

Tue 11th December

High 12:27am (4.45m)
Low 06:32am (0.65m)
High 12:41pm (4.78m)
Low 06:36pm (0.73m)

Wed 12th December

High 01:06am (4.31m)
Low 07:10am (0.77m)
High 01:17pm (4.58m)
Low 07:14pm (0.89m)

Thu 13th December

High 01:48am (4.16m)
Low 07:48am (0.91m)
High 01:56pm (4.35m)
Low 07:55pm (1.06m)

Fri 14th December

High 02:32am (4.01m)
Low 08:29am (1.05m)
High 02:41pm (4.14m)
Low 08:43pm (1.23m)

Today's weather


16 °C
(60 °F)

Light air, 3.2 km/h from SSE

Sea temperature

17.2°C / 63°F


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