Best Beaches in El Nido, Philippines

Map featuring El Nido beaches. Click on pins to view beach details
  • El Nido

    El Nido
    © softlight69 / 123RF

    El Nido is an unspoilt tropical paradise often referred to as the Philippines' last frontier. Situated towards the northern tip of Palawan island El Nido is much more than just a single beach. In fact it comprises around 50 beaches set among a series of small islands, towering marble cliffs, lush tropical vegetation, ancient caves… read more »

  • Corong Corong Beach

    Corong Corong Beach
    © Galeja

    Corong Corong Beach is located in the El Nido area and is home to some of the stunning scenery that Palawan Island has become known for. The prefect sandy beach is fringed with tall coconut palm trees and limestone rock formations tower above the crystal clear water at the northern end.

    The beach at Corong… read more »

  • Seven Commandos Beach

    Seven Commandos Beach
    Allan Ascaño

    Located in El Nido, Seven Commandos Beach has beautiful white sands, turquoise waters, and dramatic limestone cliffs. Fringed with coconut palms this is the archeytpal tropical Southeast Asian beach.

    Before continuing, it is worth explaining the name, as I know you are probably wondering! They say that the name comes from World War II, when seven… read more »

  • Marimegmeg Beach

    Marimegmeg Beach
    © Galeja

    Marimegmeg Beach sits on the same stretch of sand as Las Cabanas just south of El Nido. In fact many consider them the same beach. Either way, Marimegmeg offers you a quiet stretch of paradise with a good range of facilities close at hand.

    Whilst Marimegmeg Beach may not be able to rival some of the… read more »

  • Las Cabañas Beach

    Las Cabañas Beach

    If you are looking for a quiet stretch of paradise, Las Cabanas Beach is well worth the hike. You get to this beach on foot, and when you arrive, you will be greeted with a view of golden sands reaching out into crytaline turquoise waters. Beyond the fringing of coconut palms is a backdrop of… read more »

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