Kusu Island Beach

Kusu Island Beach - Singapore
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Kusu Island demonstrates another side to Singapore’s reputation as a place of long working hours and gleaming skyscrapers. Meaning ‘tortoise’ in Chinese, the island is said to have got its name after two local fishermen were saved from drowning by a giant tortoise.

Located 5.6 kilometres south of Singapore’s main island and the theme parks of Sentosa, its beach is reached via ferries departing from Marina South Pier. They take around an hour and make a stop at St John’s Island first.

The entire island is just 250 metres in length, meaning its beach is only small and can be enjoyed alongside an exploration of the wider island. Kusu Island Beach leads into warm lagoon waters protected from the open sea. There are toilet and shower facilities, although you’ll have to go to the island’s food court for refreshments.

Other points of interest on Kusu Island include the Taoist shrine to the god of prosperity, Da Bo Gong, and three Islamic shrines – Kusu Kramats – placed there by important Malay families. There is also a tortoise sanctuary. 

Camping and overnight stays are not permitted.

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