St John's Island Beach

St John's Island Beach - Singapore
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Lying on the largest of Singapore’s Southern Islands chain, St John’s Island Beach is a curving arc of sand in a small bay just a few tens of metres long. A narrow ribbon at high tide, the grasses backing it provide the space needed for sunbathing, while palms and other trees give natural shade from the subtropical sun.

Its sands give splendid views back across to the Singapore skyline, while its waters are partially protected by a man-made seawall should you fancy a dip.

The only way onto the beach is via the ferries departing from Marina South Pier in downtown Singapore. The boat ride takes around an hour. The vast majority of visitors enjoy St John’s Island Beach as a daytrip over the weekend. The only place it’s permissible to stay are the holiday lodges which need to be booked in advance.

You’ll need to bring your own supplies of food and drink however long you intend to stay, with none sold on this laid-back and shop-free island. There are however a good number of picnic benches, as well as public toilets and shower facilities.

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