Moolack Beach (Beverly Beach)

Moolack Beach lies approximately four miles north of Newport, Lincoln County. Entirely undeveloped, it then stretches for a further five miles of sand, although the beach’s width and evenness is highly variable, since the sand is built up and then taken away naturally over the seasons.

Taking its unusual name from the word for elk in the Chinook Jargon native American language, it is bounded by Yaquina Head Lighthouse at its southernmost end. This is the tallest lighthouse in Oregon at nearly a hundred feet high. Its northern end is met by Otter Rock Marine Reserve.

At this point Moolack Beach is also known as Beverly Beach. It is backed for much of its distance by heathland grasses binding together low dunes. Generally speaking, the southern end of the beach appears to be cleaner than its northern end, with items of flotsam and jetsam arriving all the way across the Pacific Ocean from Japan.

Visitors will find the sands littered with small rocks and shingle, particularly at the water’s edge. In some places, there are terraces of clay and rock protruding from the sands, and even fossilised tree stumps that have been dated back 4,500 years.

Moolack Beach is a quiet beach and you shouldn’t have any trouble finding somewhere to park in the main parking area next to Moolack Shores Inn. There are no specific facilities dedicated to beach goers.

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